The San Diego Padres signed Hosmer to an 8 year $144 million contract. The sum was a staggering amount for a player who never earned more than $7 million in his best year. Now he would be averaging $18 million a year until he is 37 years old.

There have only been a few years to evaluate his performance. 2020 was a shortened year because of Covid. In his first two years he has been mediocre at best. He batted .253 and .265. He hit 18 and 22 Home Runs but in 2019 he did drive in 99 runs. More than half way through 2021, his results continue in the mediocre range. After 107 games, he has only 10 home runs and 53 RBIs while playing almost every day.

The Padres have 4 more years to pay their first baseman $18 million a year. At the age of 32, one has to wonder that the Padres may have seen the best they will get is an everyday starter producing good but not great results. In total they will pay $144 million for him. Other teams are getting better results from young inexpensive players. According to Drafting Nation he is rated the 18th best first baseman. That means 60% of the teams have better players at this position. 

1st Year
2nd Year
3rd Year
4th Year
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    • Team: San Diego Padres
    • Contract Info: $18M/yr
    • Years Played: Active
    • Seasonal Average
    • AVERAGE: .264
    • HRs: 15
    • RBIs: 67
    • Runs: 55