Andre Ethier is a reliable outfielder and consistent hitter for the Dodgers for 6 seasons. In 2012, he signed a 6 year contract for $102 million. He finished the season batting .284 with 20 home runs and 89 RBIs. 

He got injured in 2013 and his run production slipped significantly. In fact, the remainder of his contract was filled with injuries and being outplayed by new players. This restricted his playing time and definitely affected his run production. 

The final 5 years of his contract his home run total were 12, 4, 14 1, and 2. This was a total of 33 home runs in 5 years. His RBIs never topped 53 in a year and the final 2 years, he only had 5 RBIs.

The Dodgers invested in a 30 year old proven hitter. The results were never there. As a business investment, this $102 million was a Swing Badder contract.

1st Year
2nd Year
3rd Year
4th Year
5th Year
6th Year
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    Swing Badder


    • Team: Los Angeles Dodgers
    • Contract Info: $17M/yr
    • Years Played: 6/6
    • Seasonal Average
    • AVERAGE: .275
    • HRs: 9
    • RBIs: 40
    • Runs: 37