The New York Mets signed the 41 year old Alou to a $7.5 million contract with a team option for a second year. In the first month he hit .318. However a torn quadriceps muscle kept him out until August. Playing in only 87 games Alou led the Mets with a .345 average including a 30 game hitting streak. Even though he played only half of a season for the second straight year and hit only 13 home runs with 49 RBIs, the Mets decided to pay him another $7.5 million at the age of 42. 

In this second year, Alou was rehabbing in the minors in July. He tore his right hamstring ending his season and his career. In his final season he appeared in only 15 games.

For his two years and $15 million Alou played a total of 112 games for the Mets. He hit only 13 home runs. It ended up being a $15 million waste for the Mets. They signed a 41 year old who couldn’t play a whole season and then signed him again compounding their mistake.

In 2007 the Mets blew a seven game lead at the end of the season losing 12 of their last 17 games. In 2008 the Mets finished in second place one game behind in the Wild card race. Both of these teams came very close to making the playoffs. One can only wonder that The $15 million more properly spent could have made the difference for them.

1st Year
2nd Year
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    • Team: New York Mets
    • Contract Info: $7.5M/yr
    • Years Played: 2/2
    • Seasonal Average
    • AVERAGE: .342
    • HRs: 6
    • RBIs: 29
    • Runs: 28