As a brief history, Bobby Bonilla was a highly successful player. In 1992 the Mets made him the highest paid player in baseball with a $29 million contract. In 1996, he signed another free agent contract with the Marlins for 4 years $23.3 million.

However this story is about a renegotiation with the Mets in 1999. Bonilla ended up on the Mets in 1999. At the end of the year he was owed $5.9 million. The Mets wanted to release him and agreed to defer his contract for 10 seasons. After that date, the Mets would pay him $1.19 million a year from 2011 through 2035 (Age 72). That is a total of $29.75 million.

Bonilla is still getting his annual checks as he has not received half of them yet. How did Bonilla perform for the Mets in 1999? He played in 60 games, batted .160 and hit 4 home runs. The Mets lost in the playoffs to the Braves. In the final game which extended to extra innings, it was discovered that Bonilla was in the clubhouse playing cards.

1st Year
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    Swing Badder


    • Team: New York Mets
    • Contract Info: $29 MILLION
    • Years Played: 1/25
    • 1999 Season Stats
    • AVERAGE: .160
    • HRs: 4
    • RBIs: 18
    • Runs: 12