Bobby Bonilla was 38 years old, the Cardinals signed him for $900,000 – What…..a National League team – $900K and the main question is why pay him close to a million dollars for a below average production…..

Because he is freaking Bobby Bonilla  

But this contract is one to be celebrated by all at the SwingBadder staff.

In his final year for very little pay, Bonilla played in 93 games batting only .213. While it was a little investment, Bonilla had clearly lost his skills and his financial independence from the Mets allowed the Cardinals to pay very little. However, the evidence of the two prior years proved that Bonilla had lost his skills. He struck out 53 times and only had 12 extra base hits for the whole season.

2001 was a special year for baseball for so many reasons but having it be the last year we were blessed with the career of Bobby Bonilla. His last hit came on Oct 3rd as a pinch hit single in the 8th inning against the Brewers. 

Because Bobby is a American Hero it is only fitting that his last home run ever hit was on July 4th against the Brewers.

Last RBI was on August 3rd and his last run scored was August 4th. 

Bonilla only started in 33 games in 2001 and the book of Bobby Bonilla’s marvelous career came to an end. 

Thank you Bobby Bonilla – 



  • Player Image
    Swing Badder


    • Team: Chicago Cubs
    • Contract Info: $900 Thousand
    • Years Played: 2001
    • Seasonal Average
    • AVERAGE: .213
    • HRs: 5
    • RBIs: 21
    • Runs: 17