As a closer for the Los Angeles Dodgers, Eric Gagne set records. He closed 84 consecutive games and won a Cy Young Award. After an injury, he did not play in 2 consecutive seasons, and in 2007 he played with the Rangers where he had some success but was traded to the Red Sox where he had no saves and an ERA of 6.75.

Despite his current record of injuries and failures, the Brewers signed him to a one-year, $10 million salary. Days after signing his $10 million contract, Gagne was mentioned in the Mitchell Report as a steroid user, casting a dark cloud over his record seasons with the Dodgers. 

He appeared in 50 games garnering only 10 saves with an ERA of 5.44. It was a disaster. Despite 10 more years of trying a comeback, he never pitched in the majors again. However, the Brewers contract was already signed. Gagne won $10 million and the Brewers made a “Swing Badder” contract.


Innings Pitched
1st Year
  • Player Image
    Swing Badder


    • Team: Milwaukee Brewers
    • Contract Info: $10M/yr
    • Years Played: 1/1
    • Seasonal Average
    • Innings Pitched: 46.1
    • SAVES: 10
    • LOSSES: 3
    • ERA: 5.44
    • WHIP: 1.47
    • Strikeouts: 38