That buzzing noise overhead is the fast-moving Rays who seem to be racking up wins by doing it the old fashion way – dominating the game of baseball to start the 2023 season.

Team Stats

  • 1st in Batting Average
  • 1st in wins
  • 1st in Home Runs
  • 1st in Earned Run Average
  • 1st in Runs Batted In
  • 2nd in Hits
  • 5th in Stolen Bases

That leaves two categories they don’t have a top 5 finish – Saves and Strikeouts.

2023 has opened up with the Rays Dominating a division that has zero under .500 teams and in a year that I for one thought they would take a step back they seem to be taking a step into overdrive.

Are they the Yankees of 2022 starting out white hot then slowly coming back to reality only to whimper out in the playoffs?

Are these stats even sustainable?

The law of averages says no on both accounts however one thing that the Rays do have going for them is the new baseball schedule – After this weekend series with the Yankees they have 6 games left with against a shell of team that has over $100 Million dollars on the Injured list currently. Since you can only play who is on your schedule the Rays are jumping on each series as a kid waking up to Christmas morning.

This is a big series for the Yankees to add some losses to the Rays and start trying to bring them back to earth but the series didn’t start the way they were hoping by being dominated 8-2. Currently 9 games back a split helps but the Yankees need to start the slow climb out of 5th place in a division everyone assumed was theirs after Spring Training.

The Rays continue to run against the trend of overpaying and underperforming and you won’t find a bad contract on their team at Swingbadder we are nothing but excited to see the David throwing stones at the Goliaths in baseball.