In 1955, the average American annual wage was $4,400. In that same year, the Brooklyn Dodgers won 98 games and their first and only World Series in 54 years. On opening day, the average pay for their 9 starters was $25,500, about 6 times the national average. As an unrelated aside the two highest-paid players on the 1955 Dodgers were Jackie Robinson and Roy Campanella, both Black players.

In 2021, the average American wage was $51,500. The average salary of the Dodger starters was $9.8 million. 

In 1955, players’ salary was 5.79 times more than the fans. In 2021 it was 19 times more than the average fan. Most of the players lived in the same neighborhoods as their fans In the 1950s. That is unimaginable today. 

No conclusions, just the facts.