2018 The Blue Jays signed Jaime Garcia to a one year contract for $10 million. In the prior year, starting pitcher Garcia had won only 5 games on 3 different teams. The Blue Jays took an expensive chance that the 32 year old pitcher would return to the quality starter he had been a few years before.

This chance did not work. After three months of poor pitching the Blue Jays moved him from a starting role to the bullpen. One month later he was released from the team. He had won only three games with an Earned Run Average of 5.93. 

One has to wonder what that $10 million could have done by signing several players who would have actually contributed to the team.

Innings Pitched
1st Year
  • Player Image
    Swing Badder

    Jaime Garcia

    • Team: Toronto Blue Jays
    • Contract Info: $10M/yr
    • Years Played: 1/1
    • Seasonal Average
    • Innings Pitched: 74.1
    • WINS: 3
    • LOSSES: 6
    • ERA: 5.93
    • WHIP: 1.53
    • Strikeouts: 69