Pay three pitchers to get your team to the playoffs and the World Series and let them come in at the end of the season for a three game series against your divisional rival needing to only win one game and then watch as all three pitchers collapse and hand said divisional rival a 2 game lead going into the last three games of the season.

I’m just saying.

Watch the bonfire burn. The bonfire of money. More than the Cleveland payroll spent on three players and (checks notes) you are still in the same boat as Cleveland.

At this point I can’t tell if cheering for the Mets is a sign of self-loathing or a practical joke played by the universe on half of humanity in New York.

At one point the Mets were 10 games up in the National League East. Do you know who wasn’t a part of the team due to injury at the beginning of the season?

DeGrom and Scherzer.

DeGrom hasn’t pitched 100 innings since 2019. Scherzer is 37 and missed two weeks of baseball because his ribs felt funny.

Mets fans have seen this movie before and it doesn’t end well.

As a Met’s fan, I predict the Mets win the World Series in 4 games against Cleveland.