Willie Mays, one of the greatest players of all time, started playing in the Major Leagues in 1951. He had just turned 20 years old a few days before. In his first 12 at bats he had no hits and told his manager that he should probably go back to the minor leagues because he wasn’t doing very well.

Willie’s manager told him to get back in the game. In Willie’s 13th at bat – he hit a Home Run. This was followed by more outs. After starting the season going 1 for 26, the twenty year old rookie sat by himself, crying.

His manager, Leo Durorcher sat down and told the young player that he would be the Giants center fielder for the rest of the season. Confidence restored Willie Mays and he finished his rookie season batting .274 average; 20 home runs and 68 runs batted in winning the rookie of the year award. For the first time in 14 seasons the Giants went to the World Series.