Born in Gallatin, Pa. in 1932, he became famous as a minor league pitcher in 1952. At the age of 19, he was pitching for the Bristol Twins a class D team in the Pirates organization. On May 13, 1952, while pitching against the Welch Miners he struck out 27 batters in a 9 inning game. This feat has never been done in professional baseball before or since. They won the game 7-0. Necciai pitched a no-hitter although 4 batters did reach base. One walked, one reached on an error, one was hit by a pitch, and a fourth batter reached first after striking out with a passed ball. This allowed Necciai to have a 4 strikeout inning. 

In his next start he had a 24 strikeout 2 hitter. During the season he struck out 109 batters in 43 innings. He got promoted to the Carolina League and struck out 172 batters in 126 innings. 

In August he was promoted to the Pittsburgh Pirates. He pitched in 12 games, starting 9. He finished the year with a 1-6 record and a 7.08 ERA. He struck out 31 Batters in 54 innings and also walked 32. 

He joined the armed forces in 1953 but received a medical discharge due to stomach ulcers. He returned to minor league baseball but from 1953-1955 was plagued with injuries from his ulcers and a torn rotator cuff. In 1955, he left professional baseball and never pitched in the majors again. 

He was able to earn $3,000 in his one year with the Pirates and remains the only pitcher to ever strike out 27 batters in a professional baseball game.